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#104 | Every Day Mental Models

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Today we are talking about mental models you can use in your day-to-day life.

📺 Ali Abdaal’s 10 mental models

Ali Abdaal is a prolific Youtuber.

He makes excellent videos about productivity.

Last week he published a video where he talked about the mental models he uses every day.

It’s a very interesting list, some of these models we directly apply in our lives and some we are trying to learn.

Some of our favorites -

  • Perfect is the enemy of the good - This is our philosophy with any work we do, even this newsletter.

  • Hell Yeah or No - Used to decide whether we want to work on a project or no. Inspired by one of our favorite authors Derek Sivers’ philosophy.

  • Watch TV only with other people - This one’s fun, haven’t tried this but it sounds definitely worth it.

  • The Pareto Principle - This is the 80/20 rule we have written about before.

  • Everything is “figureoutable” - Of course it is 😅

Watch the complete video to know about his all 10, it will take just 13 minutes👇

You can actually apply these models in your day-to-day life.

And just hit reply if you want a longer discussion on any one of them.

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🐦 Birdwatch

Pair Ali Abdaal’s video with Sahil Bloom’s Twitter thread about mental models -

💭Something to chew on

What’s the simples rule of thumb that you use in your life every day?

How has it helped you and how will you teach it to someone else?

That’s the mental model YOU live by.

Think about it🤔

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