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#103 | Hanlon's Razor

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Today we are talking about a simple mental model called Hanlon’s Razor

The Ant-Negativity Razor🪒

Yea, that’s what I like to call Hanlon’s Razor.

A razor here is a simple mental tool to shave off unnecessary information or noise from a decision.

The most popular razors are Occam’s and Hanlon’s.

Hanlon’s razor goes like this -

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”

There is of course to more to the model, but this is the essence of it.

We have written a short blog post on the topic this week, do check it out -

  • What is a Razor?

  • What is Hanlon’s Razor?

  • 2 variations and examples and how to apply them.

  • Cases where Hanlon’s Razor doesn’t work

  • And much more🚀🚀🚀

What is Hanlon's Razor🪒

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What parts of your life can be made simpler if you applied Hanlon’s Razor?

  • Professional relationships?

  • Personal relationships?

  • Online interactions?

Think about it🤔

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