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Today we are talking about the idea of an embedded entrepreneur👇

The Embedded Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is hard as it is. But it gets even harder if you are bootstrapping - Doing it all on your own without any external funding or support.

Your personal stakes are high - you better get the problem and the solution right.

Otherwise, the venture can suck many years of your life without any substantial output.

Arvid Kahl figured out a solution to this problem. And even wrote 2 books about it.

He calls it the embedded entrepreneur approach.

Basically, before you think of the problem or the solution, you first think of the user - the community you want to serve.

You embed yourself in that community, become one of them.

Then find their specific problems and build solutions around them.

That’s what he did with his business.

He took his business from 0 to $55,000 monthly revenue in 2 years.

And then sold it for a “life-changing amount of money” that has put him in a “post-economic state of mind”

Now he makes podcasts, writes newsletters, and publishes books for a living.

And makes a ton of money doing it💰

We wrote about the story of Arvid building and selling his first venture.

His number one insight - “audience research is the single most important thing in business”

Read the article 👇

Idea to Exit in 2 years | Arvid Kahl

Now Reading

We did grab a copy of Arvid’s latest book - The Embedded Entrepreneur.

To keep ourselves accountable for reading and applying the wisdom of this book, we are starting a reading club.

A bunch of friends reading the book together.

Here’s what we have in mind -

  • We pick a chapter every week and read it.

  • On the weekend we get on a Zoom call

  • We talk about the chapter, what we liked, disliked, and what we learned from it.

  • Maybe even make notes😅

  • Rinse and repeat.

Let us know if you’re in.

This tweet got a few responses, and we already have a diverse group of friends who are joining. From Mexico, Russia, the US, and India.

If you want in, just hit reply and we will set up the logistics.

The 1st call will be sometime next weekend, it will be about the 1st chapter - The Audience Driven Movement.

And if this works well, maybe we will do it for more books in the future.

We love reading books, and we love talking books with friends, so we are very excited about this💜

Next Week

We are writing an article about the mental model of Compounding.

It will continue our series on simple, actionable mental models.

We started this series last week.

We wrote a post about the basics of mental models and explained a simple model from a children’s story.

In case you missed it, read it here - Mental Models Basics.

Those who have read it have loved it💖

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