Is the paradox of choice crippling you as well? Our Netflix problem🤐

Wisdom Letter #88

Howdy Folks👋

How’s it going?

Hope you and your family are doing well.

Hearing of friends and family all around us suffer through COVID is terrible. We are just staying locked up indoors and praying we don’t get this dreaded virus.

Hope you are doing the same as well.

Also, get the vaccine as and when you can💪

Now, let’s move onto this week’s curations👇

The Netflix Problem📺

We recently launched the Netflix app on our iPad to find something interesting to watch.

Had been a while since we watched something new, we needed something to take our mind off all the negative COVID news.

But figuring out what to watch on Netflix is a challenge in itself.

Committing to a new show is scary, what if it turns out bad and we end up wasting all those precious hours?

We could have watched something much better at that time, right?

After 20 minutes of scrolling through various lists and categories of TV shows, we ended up restarting ‘Dark’.

It’s a German sci-fi thriller show based on time travel. We had watched it last year and loved it.

And with this choice, we are at least assured that this will be something we will enjoy.

Sure, it’s not new, but it’s good, at least there won’t be any regrets later😅

Watch the season 1 trailer — Dark Season 1

PS: The casting guys for this show are geniuses, lots of respect & admiration for their work🔥🔥🔥

The Paradox of Rational Choice🧾

Our Netflix problem is nothing new.

It’s a common phenomenon observed in any area where choices are designed. It’s part of the study of behavioral science.

We documented our learning on behavioral science last year in Wisdom Letter #36.

We wrote about topics like — Nudge theory, choice architecture, our predictable irrationality, and the paradox of choice.

Read the post from this week last year — The Paradox Of Rational Choice

Resilience 📰

Resilience is a skill we all need in these uncertain times.

It will ultimately define how we respond to adversity and failure in life. This is important for us to build resilience in ourselves, plus also in our lovely 6-year-old son💗

While doing some research we stumbled upon this interesting article from The New Yorker. It goes deep into some research studies on building and learning resilience.

Check it out — How People Learn to Become Resilient

Thank you for reading🙏

Will be back next week with a few more recommendations.

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See you then, next week.


Ayush & Aditi