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Wisdom Letter #90 | We made a thing, yay🕺💃


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Today we are talking about a platform we started taking seriously only recently - Twitter

Let’s get into it.

The Promise of Twitter🦉

I used Twitter as a lurker for 10 years.

Just reading other people’s Tweets. Always afraid of sharing my opinions about anything.

Secretly admiring the people who were putting their work out there, never had the courage to do it myself.

I knew the best minds in the world were there, sharing, discussing, having fun all day.

And I was just passively watching them🙈

Over the last few months, I started to become a bit more active on the platform.

I unfollowed all the hate mongers, the politicians, the superstars.

I started following the hustlers, the creatives, the solopreneurs. People trying to make a living online.

From scratch.

On their own.

Turns out, they are the most fun people to hang out with.

And they are the best people to learn from as well🤗

That’s what inspired our next project — “7 Habits of highly effective Tweeple - The Wisdom of Twitter”

A book written in 30 Days. In Public.

A book about making the best use of Twitter as a :

➼ Creator 🎨 - Looking for your “1000 True Fans”

➼ Consumer 📘 - Doing your own “Twitter MBA”

➼ Networker 🤝 - Looking to work with like-minded people on the platform

If you want to do anything worthwhile in the 21st century, Twitter is the place you must have a presence on.

We launched the book this week and got plenty of love and support💜 (and sales🎉)

Check out the launch thread

Yesterday we also shared the first chapter of the book publicly, you can read it on The Wisdom Project website 👇

The Promise of Twitter

The initial response has been amazing, we are so grateful to have friends like you.

A friend is even live-tweeting the book as he reads it😍

Which is equal parts humbling, exciting, and scary!

You can buy the book from this page -> 7 Habits of Highly Effective Tweeple - The Wisdom of Twitter

Coming Up…

So that’s what we have up to the last few weeks.

Right now working on a series of posts about mental models.

It’s a topic that gets talked about a lot, but there aren’t enough sources to understand it in simple terms.

You should start seeing new posts on the topic in the next week or two

How can we help you?

If you want to kick-start your journey as a creator, need any help with anything, feel free to reach out to us.

We can bounce ideas off, help think broad strokes strategy, or granular tactics.

Anything that helps you hit the ground running.

Feel free to reach out.

Just hit reply or DM us on our new favorite platform - Twitter😅


Ayush & Aditi

PS: Since you are a subscriber you can get the book for half the price. Just use the code “wisdom” when buying🤗