Hi Aditi and Ayush ji, great job guys. Beautiful read. Inspiring too. I read it for the first time today and realised what I was missing. But as they say ‘it’s better late than never,’ I am really glad that I landed on this page. A subscriber now, so will keep diving deep to find the pearls of wisdom (which I am pretty sure, are available in abundance here.)

Coming to the today’s post, I would say that my personal take away from this read is your Lesson no. 4- Perfect is the enemy of good. A simple but very profound statement!! In hindsight, I can say with full confidence that while the desire to achieve ‘perfection’ in whatever you do can help you push the (self-imposed) limits, it can also get you crushed under the weight of your own expectations. When this happens, motivation fizzles out, excitement evaporates and we put things on hold until the next time (because we don’t want to accept THAT WE ACTUALLY FAILED). I have experienced this firsthand, and yes, many times. So, your Lesson number 4 was a nice reminder that perseverance and continuous refinement should be the virtues to aspire to if you dream big. Perfection is undeniably important, but it’s not helpful when it becomes a foe rather than a friend.

I Look forward to your next post.

With Love,


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