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Happy Father’s Day to you.

Good day to celebrate your relationship with your father.

And if you’re a father yourself, a great day to reflect on your own parenting journey.

👨‍🦳Simple ways to be a great father

We have been parents for a little over 6 years now.

A while back I wrote about my learnings from being a father.

There’s plenty of “fluff” advice out there on the internet about fatherhood.

With this post, I have tried to keep it as practical and actionable as possible.

With no fluff and everything from my personal experience.

Also did some scientific research to back my claims experience as well.

Hope you enjoy it👇

Simple Ways to be a Great Father

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💭Something to chew on

Imagine you could go back in time and meet your father.

If you met him at the age you are at right now, what single piece of advice would you give him?

As a friend of the same age, what will you tell him?

Think about it🤔

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