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#106 | Your information diet


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Welcome to Wisdom Letter #106.

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Today we are starting a series of posts where we recommend how you can cultivate the best information diet for yourself.

Over the next few weeks, we will recommend the best Video, Audio, Text content you should be consuming online.

Today we are focusing on video content.

Now let’s go👇

But first, why does it matter?

This is a maxim we live by -

You are the average of the 5 types of content you consume the most.

You are what you consume.

Junk in, Junk out.

Quality in, Quality out.

Works for our actual diet, as well as for our information diet.

It’s so easy to fall for the endless byte-sized streams of information in our feeds. Be it on Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram.

It’s like eating sugar and carbs all day.

That’s why we are very careful of what we consume.

Here are some of our favorite sources of good quality content online in video format -

📺What to Watch on YouTube?


This is one of our favorite YouTube channels. We’ve recommended it before and we will recommend them again for the new subscribers -

Watch one of their recent videos -


You know Ted has a Ted Talks channel, which is good.

But I think the Ted-Ed channel is even better.

They take very specific topics and explain them in short videos. Do check them out -

Watch this video to enter a stage of an existential crisis this weekend😅

Crash Course

Another great educational YouTube channel.

Very underrated.

Especially love their series on World History.

It starts with the Agricultural revolution -

📺What to Watch on Netflix?

Netflix is great for movies and TV shows, but it’s good some decent documentaries and docuseries as well.

Inside Bill’s Brain - This is the wisdom of Bill Gates.

We were fascinated by the idea of think weeks that Bill Gates takes every year.

We started doing think weekends after this😅

Check out the promo -


This is a fantastic docu-series from science journalist Latif Nassar.

It’s about all the weird and interesting ways all of us are connected with each other.

From birds predicting the future to poop from thousands of years ago.

Love the series, watch the trailer -

I guess we have enough for today.

Once you start to consume these pieces of content the algorithms will start to recommend more of this kind of stuff.

This is the best way to hack these algorithms in your favor.

Next week we will come up with some of the best podcasts you should listen to.

So watch out for that.

💭Something to chew on

How can you find 60 minutes a week to consume fruitful video content?

It is the most powerful type of content to learn from.

But only if used in the right way

Think about it🤔

📂 From the archives

This week, that year -

Thank you for reading🙏

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Ayush & Aditi

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