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Wisdom Letter #89 | important update on the crazy challenge


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Let’s get to the point quickly, this week we are talking about Money👇

The Story of Dru Riley📈

Dru Riley is the creator of the extremely popular newsletter

Every week, he dives deep into an emerging trend and produces an in-depth report for his subscribers.

Part of the report is paid, and part of it free.

But it wasn’t always like that. Initially, it was all free.

He was doing tons of work and not making a dime from it. And this wasn’t his first project either.

He had quit his job 3 years ago, was running out of savings, already had tried out more than 10 side projects that didn’t work out.

He even wrote on his blog about going 37 months straight without any revenue.

Today, is subscribed by more than 35000 people and he makes more than $20,000 a month from it.

We wrote about his story this week. It’s a story of failure, grit, passion, and perseverance.

And most of all, it’s a story of identifying winning trends.

Read it here — Growing From 0 To $20K MRR With Winning Trends | Dru Riley

Dru himself enjoyed the post and reached out on Twitter. That was kind of a fan moment for us😅

The Wisdom of Twitter🦉

Our crazy little challenge is taking shape now.

We had resolved to research, write and publish a book about Twitter in 30 days.

Today, it’s been 25 days, and the book is almost complete.

This will be our 2nd book or info product in the last 3 months.

These books are small bets we are taking, in our endeavor to make a living online.

Digital Info Products are the kind of products that you build once and sell many times.

With zero marginal cost for every subsequent sale.

They take plenty of effort up at the top, but we can reap rewards from them, many years in the future.

That way we get to divorce our time from our income.

The exact opposite of our current money source — our monthly salaries.

That’s how we are thinking about making a living in the creator economy.

Twitter is an essential channel for us to make it a reality.

So we did a lot of research, around how to make the best use of Twitter as a —

  1. Creator

  2. Consumer

  3. Networker

And we’ve compiled it all in this book.

As I said, it’s a small bet. If it works there’s an infinite upside, if It doesn't, there’s a limited downside. And we have learned a lot along the way anyway.

The book releases this Friday - 21st May.

We’ve already got 10 presales, so we are quite excited about it. You can get a 50% discount during the pre-launch period.

Find out how on the product page👇

7 Habits of Highly Effective Tweeple

Mind Over Money🤑

How do you think about money?

Is it a goal you want to achieve, a certain number you have in mind?

is it a means to do something else, or is it an end in itself?

Do you think earning money is hard, or is it like a game? If you know the rules you can win easily?

These are some questions we tried to answer this week last year.

Wisdom Letter 37 is a curation of some of the best content around Money and personal finance you will ever find.

It’s one of our all-time favorite posts.

Check it out — Mind Over Money

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