Life Update - I fired my boss :)


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How’s it going?

Welcome to Wisdom Letter #96.

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A few days back this happened👇

I resigned from my corporate job and the rat race that comes along with it.

It was hard but a necessary step for me.

Will share more details about my future in a few weeks. Once I have served the notice period and am “officially” out of my full-time job.

This tiny little newsletter has played a huge part in my being able to take this massive step.

Researching and writing every week for this project has impacted my thought process deeply.

I can clearly visualize the mindset shift from being an employee to an entrepreneur in myself.

Today, we are curating some of our best work over the last 96 weeks.

Posts that have inspired my shift in mindset and have given me the courage to go indie😅

Let’s go👇

Learning from Indie Hackers 👨‍🏫

I became a part of the Indie Hackers community a few months back. These are solo founders hustling hard to build internet businesses.

The members of this community value freedom over money - a tenet which I relate to the most.

We have profiled 15 successful IndieHackers over the last 15 weeks for our other newsletter Listen Up IH.

It’s an attempt to learn from them and distill their knowledge for the rest of the community.

Some of our favorite posts so far -

  1. Daniel Vassallo’s Lifestyle-First Approach To Indie Hacking

  2. Growing From 0 To $20K MRR With Winning Trends | Dru Riley

  3. Building a $38K/month SaaS business | Jordan O’Connor

Pearls of Wisdom😇

Past wisdom letters which ended up changing my thoughts on topics such as Work, Happiness, and living a full life -

  1. A Life of Purpose | Wisdom Letter #51

  2. The Way we Work | Wisdom Letter #29

  3. Whole and Happy | Wisdom Letter #39

  4. The Wisdom of Naval Ravikant | Wisdom Letter #66

🔖 Bookmarks

Some books that have helped me broaden my perspectives about life in general -

  1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck | Mark Manson

  2. Anything you want | Derek Sivers

  3. Man’s search for meaning | Viktor Frankl

🐦 Birdwatch

Daniel has been a huge inspiration. He quit his job at Amazon and went solo a couple of years ago.

And hasn’t looked back.

His core idea - Only Intrinsic Motivation lasts.

Do read his blog post after he quit Amazon - Only Intrinsic Motivation Lasts

As you might have guessed by now, we are intrinsically motivated to write this newsletter every week.

💭Something to chew on

Think about this question -

What drives you? What motivates you to do anything?

Is it the desire to be known for something? Or is it about making your mark? Or is it getting to a certain bank balance? Or is it how your loved ones see you?

Or is it something else?

This is a question we reflected on last year when the pandemic was just starting.

It helped get our priorities right.

Here are our answers -

Hope they help you navigate to your own answer.

Thank you for reading🙏

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Ayush & Aditi

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