👩‍🏫The Wisdom Project 101


Hey folks 👋

How’s it going?

Welcome to Wisdom Letter #101.

This email will take less than 2 minutes to read.

Plenty of new people have joined us since last week.

So we thought this is a good time to do a 101 post.

Try to explain the basics of what you can expect from us going forward.

A kind of an intro to The Wisdom Project.

And some samples of content you can expect in weekly wisdom letters.

Let’s go.

Our goal with this project is to find ways to think better and live better!

Think Better🧠

Making good decisions in life is a skill.

Just like any skill, it gets better with practice and with the right tools.

The number one tool we use to make better decisions is our brain.

So our focus is on understanding our brain better, and on overcoming its limitations.

For that, we write posts like -

  1. What Are Mental Models & Why Are They Important

  2. The 5 Most Important Cognitive Biases Holding You Back

  3. Leveraging Pareto’s principle

  4. 📚What books are you reading?

Live Better 😇

This is a broader topic.

We try to cover areas like happiness, purpose, the meaning of life.

At a practical level, we also cover stuff like personal finance and habit building.

For that, you can find posts like -

  1. 3 Habits for Better Wealth

  2. The Wisdom of Atomic Habits

  3. How do you measure wealth?💰

Apart from this, sometimes we also share life updates 🤗


We also feature our and our friends’ products that are close to the ethos of this newsletter.

This week, our friend Kjell launched his digital magazine Coffee & Pens🖋

If you’re an aspiring writer, you must check it out. It features some prolific writers that we all can learn from.

Do check it out -

This is of course a very brief introduction, a real 101 of this project.

Over the last 100 weeks, we have explored a wide range of topics, you can find more about them by checking out our complete library on Substack as well on our website - The Wisdom Project.

Thank you for reading🙏

Hope you enjoyed today’s mail.

It was a good way for us to reflect and relook at the scope of this project.

Hope you found something worth reading this week.

See you next week.


Ayush & Aditi

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