#100 | The One Hundredth
Wisdom Letter #99 | The one about Books
Wisdom Letter #98 | Money, Wealth and Life!
Wisdom Letter #97 | Figure out the 20% effort that will get you 80% of the results
#96 | Wisdom around work, happiness and living a full life.
#95 | Validating ideas with minimal effort | Lessons from Bram Kanstein of No Code MVP
Wisdom Letter #94 | Simple ways to be a great father | Can parents be wrong? | How to raise a human?
#93 | How the mental model of compounding works. Why we need to understand it, and how can we apply it in our daily life.
Wisdom Letter #92 | The story of Arvid Kahl - Idea to exit in 2 years | Selling his SaaS doing $55000 MRR
Wisdom Letter #91 | We discuss the basics of mental models and why they matter. With simple examples.
Wisdom Letter #90 | We made a thing, yay🕺💃 | The Promise of Twitter
Wisdom Letter #89 | this week we talk about the story of Dru Riley, our second book in 3 months, and mind over money