Oct 11, 2020 • 1HR 15M

"Just Get Started" | Wisdom Letter #58

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Hello and welcome to The Wisdom Project — your weekly dose of human curated wisdom in a world full of algorithmic noise.

Today we are talking about the story of an Iron Man.

Do you Run? or Cycle or Swim?

What do you do to stay fit?

And what do you do to entertain your adventurous spirit?

What do you do to feel Alive?

A modern sedentary lifestyle can easily begin to feel mundane. We are knowledge workers now, working from the comfort of our couches, striking away at our keyboards.

Suffering from growing waistlines and weakening hearts.

But we were not meant to live like this. Our primal brain still craves the adventure of the jungle, it still craves the adrenaline rush of unknown dangers and the thrill that comes from pushing its body to the limits.

It is only when we push our bodies and minds to their limits, that we finally start to feel the “life” in our lifestyle.

It’s a high like no other.

A simple and healthy way to achieve that high in the modern world is through sport. Our guest today is an expert in the ability to miraculously test and push the limits of his body and mind.

Check it out—

The Iron Man

Last month we were joined by our dear friend Amar to discuss health, fitness and endurance sports.

In a Pre COVID World, earlier this year Amar ran the famous half triathlon -- Ironman 70.3 Dubai 2020

The race entailed 1.9KMs of Swimming, 90KMs of Cycling and 21.1 KMs of Running.

He accomplished this feat in less than 7 hours. And after 4 months of self directed preparation.

In this fascinating conversation we discuss his passion for running and sports, his preparation for the triathlon and his struggles with Swimming and Cycling.

There are plenty of lessons in here for all of us.

Apart from the obvious lessons on fitness and preparation, Amar's story is the epitome of the human spirit of adventure and the incessant, fearless pursuit of the unknown.

Join us for this wonderful and inspirational discussion.

And yes, for your own fitness regimen, here's the mantra we boiled down to -- Just Get Started.

Listen to our conversation by clicking the play button at the top of this post.

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Also, don’t forget to follow Amar on Instagram to get inspired everyday.

Signing off for the week. Here’s something to think about, something that Amar epitomizes for us. A snippet from Wisdom Letter #22 — The Spirit of Sport :

Sport is the ultimate test of our abilities, both physical and mental. Its the test of our skill and character, of our courage and fortitude. Its the living, breathing, physical manifestation of all of human knowledge and WISDOM.


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